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Posted by cdiii on October 3rd, 2007

    In Society, Politics, and the Market Revolution: 1815-1845, Sean Wilentz takes a look at the importance of the market revolution and its effects on Americans and their lives, leading up to the Civil War.

A main focus point of the essay is to describe the Market Revolution and what affects it had in the society, especially on farms.  While describing this, he breaks down the country into sections (South, Northeast, Northwest, etc.) and analyzes each region and its reaction to the Market Revolution.  Not only does it take a look at this from the perspective of the rich white man, but also describes how the Market Revolution affected the common white men, women, and slaves.  Finally Wilentz makes an effort to not only distinguish the politics during the Market Revolution, which is mainly Jacksonian Politics, but also attempts to bring order to the chaos of the politics.

The sources used in this work are mainly secondary sources that were published in from around the 1970s, onward.  Although many sources are relied on for this topic, it is apparent that one of the more important works for the project is Charles Sellers’ Market Revolution: Jacksonian America (1991).

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